The Oral History of Healthcare Ethics project is an effort to capture, through video-recorded interviews and conversation, the insights and reflections of some of the earliest clinicians and educators who helped shape and define the current fields of healthcare ethics and medical humanities.  The particular focus are questions about the experiences of these individuals with program development, the education and training of health professionals, the changes they have seen through their years of services, and the questions and challenges they foresee in today’s shifting healthcare environments.  The videos of in-depth, semi-structured interviews, professionally filmed, edited, and produced in a documentary/biopic of 45-60 minutes, will preserve these important voices and offer an engaging resource alongside the published work of these “elders” in the field.  These videos will be presented here free of charge, thereby making them available to students, scholars, members of hospital ethics committees, and university ethics/medical humanities programs, or anyone interested in the history and development of healthcare ethics and medical humanities.